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Too many rewards cards = disarray + mayhem! Not anymore!

August 3, 2011

Too many rewards cards on my key chain!!!

My key holder has more rewards cards than keys!

I happened to pick up another at Farm Fresh today (upromise savings card) and realized my keychain is getting out of control!  I have one for almost every grocery store, drug store, book store, office supply store…you name it!   It takes up so much space in my purse that I tend to leave them at home or in my car, but then I realize that I need some on my coupon shopping sprees!

I came up with a solution that will make sure they go with me when i need them.  I carry too much stuff as it is…purse, diaper bag, coupon binder, kids….any way to reduce excess baggage helps!

Typically you always get a credit card size reward card along with two key chain cards when you sign up for rewards.  So read on to learn two strategies that I hope will help you resolve your reward card mayhem.

However, this assumes that you carry a coupon binder on your shopping trips.  When I shop for groceries, I always bring my handy dandy coupon binder with me.  I leave it in the car most of the time, unless I’m at home organizing and clipping my coupons.  I think most couponers nowadays use binders anyways, so try these tricks below.

Option 1: Use the baseball card holders (same ones you use for your coupons) to hold your credit card sized rewards cards, because who needs more stuff in our wallets?  After all, we need room for all that cash we’re saving from all the coupon sprees and sales we find, right?

Those baseball card holders aren’t just for coupons! Great for the rewards cards too!

Option 2: Fasten it directly to your coupon binder with a key ring or other metal wire type holder to hold the rewards cards you frequently use as you shop.  Mine have all my grocery store and drug store rewards cards, but not my gym card, best buy card, etc.  I’m actually using a metal golf towel holder ring, which I think is also a shower curtain holder.   In any event, it fits perfectly on the handle of my coupon binder.  I imagine you could also clip it to one of the binder rings inside your binder.

Hang your most frequently used rewards card on or in your coupon binder!

Hope you found this tip useful!  Now you’ll never forget the rewards cards that you need!


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